DNS Fundamentals 4: Overview of Business Operations in the Nursing Department

There are things that you as a DNS need to know that nursing school just didn’t teach you! This session assists you in understanding the critical business management elements that are part of your role – from payment to budgeting. The DNS is called on to lead in strategic planning manage the departments labor and supply costs, inventory controls, understand a profit/loss statement, and understand the plethora of resident payment systems. Following this session, you’ll be years ahead in your role to manage the critical business elements of the nursing department

This session will help you:

  • Describe basic budgeting, strategic planning, and fiduciary requirements of the DNS
  • Outline the different CMS payment models that impact nursing department function (Medicare, Medicaid, alternative payment organizations)
  • Review the DNS role in overseeing the Resident Assessment Instrument and Minimum Data Set

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