DNS Fundamentals 6: Basic Staffing and Human Resource Management

Staffing is at an all-time crisis in nursing homes, and as a DNS, you carry the burden to fully staff the units 24/7. Just like finances and budgeting, you probably didn’t learn a lot about managing human resources in nursing school. This session helps you to develop the fundamental knowledge you need to lead your nursing department in successful hiring, training, equipping, retention, and mentoring your staff. You’ll cover the required facility assessment that is used to determine the specific competencies your staff needs to succeed. Additionally, you’ll review the CMS requirements for staffing that every DNS needs to know.

This session will help you:

  • Review the five key elements of staffing a nursing facility (PPD, budget, ratios, and acuity)
  • Describe the CMS required facility assessment and its role in setting the competency program for the nursing department
  • Outline the mandatory requirements and the federally mandated labor reporting system that impacts the nursing department staffing level and payment

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