Medicare Basic Training Part 8: Consolidated Billing and Essential Medicare Meetings On-Demand Workshop

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Is the facility paying for services that they are not responsible for? Is it unclear why the facility is getting a bill for certain services from the physician? Under Medicare Part A, facilities are paid a daily rate calculated from the MDS. Out of this daily rate, the SNF is required to pay for all the goods and services provided to the beneficiary while they are a resident in the SNF under a Medicare Part A paid stay, a consolidated bill. There are some items that are excluded from this consolidated bill, meaning these are services that are typically outside the scope of services provided in a SNF and are not the responsibility of the SNF. Following Medicare Basic Training Part 8: Consolidated Billing and Essential Medicare Meetings, you will be able to apply the basics of consolidated billing including how to determine if a service is not the responsibility of the facility. In addition, this session will provide examples of several beneficial facility meetings that could be conducted to ensure Medicare coverage guidelines are met including the daily PPS meeting, the weekly Medicare meeting, and the monthly triple check meeting.

1.0 contact hour will be awarded for this continuing nursing education activity. Learners must view at least 80% of the entire video and complete the associated evaluation to receive the contact hours. No partial credit will be awarded. Contact hours will be awarded for this activity until February 3, 2026.

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