Appeals Application

In the case of extenuating circumstances, you do have the option to submit a formal, written appeal to the AAPACN Member Experience Team to request an exception to the certification policies. 

To submit your appeal application:

  1. Click the "register" button at the top of this page to create a new application.
  2. Download the Appeal Application document from the "Application" tab.
  3. Fill out the form and save a copy on your computer.
  4. Return to the Appeals Application in your Learner Dashboard and submit the document for review.
    1. Open the application product.
    2. Click the “Submit Appeal Document.”
    3. Confirm the “Upload A File” option is selected, then click in the grey Upload box to browse your computer for your file.
    4. Once the completed form is uploaded successfully, click the “Submit” button.

You have 15 days to submit your application. AAPACN staff will review and respond to you within two business days.

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